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Top 5 Destinations to Eat Truffles in Italy

Top 5 Destinations to Eat Truffles in Italy

Truffle, a culinary delicacy popular since the Roman times, can be found in Italy in a few famous black and white truffles destinations, five of them briefly described below. The difference between types lies in taste and color, and also in price. Black truffles cost significantly less than the white ones, whose expensiveness is mainly caused by their scarceness. Once regarded as a divine food, this strongly flavored fungus that grows within the soil is based in the following regions:



  • Piemonte, the most famous white truffles destinations in Italy

Delight your taste buds with white truffles in Piemonte (Piedmont) where, each autumn, the Tartufo Bianco di Alba is held in the city of Alba. At the white truffle world market, you can auction and also check the quality of each truffle as there is a specific commission stall among the sellers. The season is specific for white truffles, which mostly harvest around October and November, but here you can also find black truffles. If you want to give a try to one of the truffle creams or sauces produced using truffles from this renowned area.If you prefer the rarest and more pretentious white.


  • Umbria, the place where you can literally go hunting truffles

Centuries ago, pigs where used for hunting the truffles concealed in oak forests, but nowadays specially trained dogs are part of this business. In Umbria, you can watch it during a trip that you can book at your hotel or elsewhere. It usually lasts 1-2 hours and truffle dishes, as appetizers or main courses, are prepared and served for lunch. Black truffles are more common here, usually harvested from late autumn until spring. In fact, Norcia, located in the National Park of the Sibillini mountains, is considered by some the Italian capital of black truffles.


  • Tuscany countryside, a picturesque landscape and truffles resource

Tuscany is best known for its breathtaking scenery and its refined wines, but it is also an acclaimed province for the truffles it supplies across the world. One of the rarest white truffle destinations, found exclusively in Italy, is the small town called San Miniato. Located between Florence and Pisa, the town celebrates the National Exhibition of the White Truffle on a yearly basis.


  • Le Marche, traditional destination and gastronomic heaven

Along Umbria and Tuscany, marking the central part of Italy, Le Marche is another sought black and white truffles destination. Mainly unaffected by tourism, this province situated between the Adriatic Sea and the Apennine Mountains consists of urban and rural land set up high on beautiful hills. Two types of black and one of white truffles grow in the area. Hunting trips at affordable prices are available here too, as well as truffle cooking classes.


  • Emilia – Romagna, home to a metropolitan capital of culture

The largest city in this region, Bologna, known not only for its monuments and architectural diversity, but also for its UNESCO “city of music” etiquette is also an unmistakable choice for those willing to experiment the thrills of truffle festivals. Home to a National White Truffle Festival as well, and also to the oldest university in the world, Bologna is an eloquent and wise option for those passionate about history and the so called “diamonds of the culinary world”. Ranked in 2011 as the first city in the country in terms of life quality, it can be a valuable picking among many white truffle destinations.

No matter how slight your curiosity about black or white truffles destinations is, getting to explore this highly-appreciated treat in its central country of origin will certainly prove to be a memorable experience. Click here to shop for Truffle infused Olive Oil and other flavors.


Buon Appetito !

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