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The 7 Super Powers Chocolate Possesses

You might be skeptical regarding the magic that dwells inside a chocolate bar, but you surely heard at least once someone talking about chocolate benefits or about how this pocked sized wonder can lead to positive changes in your life. You may be into healthy variants that combine only sourced cacao and organic cane sugar, as the ones found here. On the other side, you could be a flexible and curios type willing to try milky or uncommon assortments such as chocolate mixed with olive and bread or with lavender flowers. No matter what type of chocolate eater you are, the impact is ultimately the same. Below you can find seven super powers chocolate possesses and all of them have been proven by various studies, so do not doubt these excellent effects.


  1. It cheers you up.  Whether your mood is down or not, delighting your senses with a solid blend of cacao, sugar and a few other ingredients, will surely elevate its level. Because cacao actually stimulates the secretion of endorphins, pain inhibitors called “endogenous morphine”, and raises the level of serotonins, a neurotransmitter that apparently influences your social behavior among other features. Consequently, it’s no wonder the euphoric state you will experience after enjoying it. It is only one of the many chocolate benefits.


  1. It boosts your energy. Especially when it’s high in sugars, chocolate is a definite source of carbohydrates that will restore your deposit of vitality and give you an impulse when in a state of lethargy.


  1. It enhances your performance. Because it improves the blood flow to the brain due to its content of flavanols, it has been noticed that people who consume chocolate on a regular basis perform better on cognitive tests and memory exercises. So, if you prepare for a test, consider this particular effect among the other direct chocolate benefits.


  1. It’s a rich source of antioxidants. Antioxidants are molecules that inhibit oxidation, a process that eventually leads to the formation of free radicals. The latter, even though naturally occurring in our body, if accumulated, lead to cell damage and lastly to cancer. Because cocoa contains a high level of antioxidants, it’s worthy to add on the list of chocolate benefits the significant fact that it can protect your body against its own blunders.


  1. It reduces your appetite.  This is one of the few chocolate benefits that apply only to the dark variants. Because the strong flavor, undiminished by milk or any other ingredients, has the quality of quickly stimulating a sensation of satiety due to its intensity. So, if you want to lose weight, this special type is an ideal snack.


  1. It’s great for your heart. Moderate intake of chocolate is believed to protect against high blood pressure and diabetes, which, combined or individually, generate heart diseases. The effect of such afflictions is reduced by about a third through chocolate consumption.


  1. It acts as an aphrodisiac. It’s considered “the food of the heart” in South America, so offering or sharing a delicately wrapped chocolate bar can exemplify a deeply sensual experience. Don’t forget it can come as drinks too, so a warm cup of hot chocolate adorned with whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles can be an irresistible offer for a loved one. Another valuable item on the list of chocolate benefits, right?


Conclusively, you can only gain – not unwanted weight! – if you are being sensible about the amount of chocolate you devour. These super chocolate benefits, packed in a tiny or reasonably sized delicacy, are justifiable and pertinent reasons as to not feel guilty next time you savor the delicious treat.  Whatever disapproving attitudes you might encounter regarding your chocolate fixation, now you know how to counterbalance them with informed facts.

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