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The Many Uses and Benefits of Honey

Don’t you just love honey on cereal, on toast, on salads, on just about anything? You don’t even have to be a sweet tooth to love honey! In fact, you don’t even have to put them on your food to love honey. In case you didn’t know, honey can be used in a lot of different ways that’s not only limited to food and the kitchen.

Honey has been around for thousands of years. Our forefathers used honey for medicinal and cosmetic purposes, so it’s no surprise that we are also using honey now for the same purposes.

Effective Hangover Cure

Partied a little too hard last night and need to be at work in a few minutes? Don’t panic. Did you know that honey is an effective hangover cure? It contains natural sugars that help speed up the oxidation of alcohol in the liver. So the next time you get too hung over, try mixing honey with some orange juice and natural yogurt and blend it well. Bottoms up!

Natural Antiseptic

Have a little kitchen accident and cut a finger? Scraped your knee during that intense game of basketball? Try honey! It’s an effective natural antiseptic and antibacterial that helps cuts and burns heal properly. Wash the affected area with soap and water, and then apply a little honey. Try to watch out for ants making a beeline for it, though. Also, it works wonders in killing bacteria that causes yeast infection, athlete’s foot, or jock itch.

Cure for the Common Cold

Don’t you just hate it when you catch the cold? It’s hard to breathe or swallow, your eyes are all puffy, your whole body hurts, your head feels like a ton of bricks, and your nose is all runny. Honey can provide fast relief to the common cold. Just add honey in freshly squeezed lemon juice. It’s also very effective cure for sore throat because of its antibacterial properties.

Natural Moisturizer

Honey works great as a moisturizing mask. Lather a tablespoonful of honey on your face and gently scrub the dry parts of your face. If you have dry patches in other parts of your body, like your elbows or knees or feet, you can apply honey on it, too. Let it sit for about half an hour, and then wash with water.

Natural Hair Conditioner

Do you experience bad hair day every day? Dandruff? Falling hair? Say goodbye to all your hair woes with just a teaspoon of honey. Just add a teaspoon of honey with your regular shampoo to smoothen and repair damaged hair. Mix it with some olive oil for a more thorough and deeper hair conditioning. Massage onto your hair and leave it on for about twenty minutes while wrapped in a towel. Rinse well. 

Relaxing Bathwater

It’s a great relaxing addition to your bathwater. Just add two tablespoons of honey to a cup of water. Dissolve it. Then add some relaxing essential oils like lavender, and then mix with your bathwater.

Cure for Restless Sleep

Have trouble sleeping? Does your child wake up in the middle of the night plagued by coughing due to allergies? Try the milk and honey remedy. Prepare some hot milk and add a teaspoon of honey for calming and sleep-inducing effects. You can also take a cup of chamomile tea and add a little honey as an alternative.

Energy Booster

In the morning, instead of putting butter on that toast, try some honey instead. Add honey to your oatmeal, to your fruits, to your drinks. It’s a great energy booster and a healthier substitute to sugar. Use it for baking or cooking.

Honey is one of the most versatile foods you can ever have in your kitchen.

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