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9 Tips to Make Healthy Salad Dressings at Home

9 Tips to Make Healthy Salad Dressings at Home

People can always choose their eats. But only a few of them know how to eat best. Best eating is not about taking food all the way we want. It is about choosing health over waste.

Salads are one of the best foods you can find that burps you quickly without letting you spend too much. It is commonly made from farm-fresh ingredients such as vegetables and fruits which are considered to be of high nutritional value.

However, many salads lose their taste and destroy various health benefits due to the dressings added in. Here you’ll learn how to make homemade salad dressings with all the health!

●    Go for Healthy Ingredients

Avoid foods with empty calories, fake sugars, and heavy fats if you want to create a healthy salad at your own pace. Go for fresh leafy greens and vegetables with a sprinkle of nuts or seeds on the top. Make sure to clean your ingredients well as you will be eating them raw. Use well-selected fruits as well together with tomatoes and other goods you want to add.

●    Splash with Olive Oil

One best thing to put up in your salad and is a great alternative to commercial dressing is olive oil. Gourmet olive oil contains fats that are dietary healthy, antioxidants, has strong anti-inflammatory properties and is great for people aiming to lose weight. Unlike traditional dressings, a splash of extra virgin olive oil can help you eat your recipe without guilt.

●    Use Balsamic Vinegar

Adding tons of unwanted fat and empty calories to what could otherwise be a healthy meal are useless. QO balsamic vinegar can also be a great alternative to a salad dressing that does not provide any sort of nutrition. It contains beneficial antioxidants, provides no fat and offers great flavor. A small amount goes a long way on salads and will definitely take your life far enough.

●    Consider Avocado

Salad dressings taste good when you add fat. But pouring a fatty dressing rather than a fat-free dressing is different. A serving of about one-third of avocado is enough to add a creamy texture while giving moisture to the greens. Like olive oil, this fruit is considered a healthy fat that helps the body absorb nutrients.

●    Draw on Yogurt

One other healthy creamy thing in the world is yogurt. Thicker dressing does not have to call for heavy creams; yogurt is enough to keep the same consistency without giving out bad fat. It can also help in increasing the protein intake the healthy way. If you love the creamy, thick texture of the salad dressing, this is going to be the best pick.

●    Use Seasonings

Italian olive oil is great but seasonings can also be a great addition to your salad dressings as it can add flavor in just a few pinches. Add a pinch of salt blended with a teaspoon of ginger and herbs to turn boring dressings to life without ruining nutrition. Adding black pepper can also aid digestion, help weight loss and slow down aging.

●    Add Natural Sweeteners

Go for natural sweeteners like raspberries, pears and tart fruits. All you have to do is to squeeze their juice and mix them thoroughly before adding them up to a dressing. Make sure not to get those big chunks that could make overpowering bite. You can also use honey and maple syrup instead.

●    Balance the Taste

One of the best ways to balance the taste between your dressing and your salad ingredients is to do a tasting. Taste your dressing right before you cover it to your salad to avoid ruining the whole dish. Sometimes it is late for people to realize they made something too salty, oily or tangy. This could lead to adding more ingredients over and over again than what originally needed.

●    Mix them well

You can use salad shakers or simply mason jars to mix your salad dressing perfectly. This can help you skip all the complicated measuring and is an ideal way to get your dressing right at home in no time. Well, it is good to do the mixing in a bowl but chances are you won’t get the mix that perfect.

Why Choose Healthy

We only live once and taking good care of our body is one of the best ways to live life to the fullest. It is better not to let our body eat with something waste and unhealthy.

Salads are considered to be a truly healthy meal. You can make it even healthier when you take a mindful consideration to its dressings. Since olive oil and balsamic vinegar are some of the best picks, consider to have Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar Gift Set right in your table!

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