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5 Great Culinary Cities in Italy

5 Great Culinary Cities in Italy

Italy is one of the most visited countries in the world, and to enrich your culinary experience with the best food in Italy you shouldn’t miss certain places. Popular for its abundant and diverse offer, the Italian kitchen is not unnecessarily complex, but toothsome and straightforward. Great food can be appreciated best in the following cities.


  1. BolognaThis “city of music”, one of the most affluent in Italy, is also one with the best food in Italy. In fact, one of the numerous nicknames associated with this city is “la grasa” meaning “the fat one”, a clear suggestion to the generosity of its kitchen. Mortadella, tortellini, parmigiano, ravioli are delightful options to consider in the place acclaimed at times as the Italy’s culinary centre. If none of these sounds familiar, even though the name rings a bell in your head, think spaghetti Bolognese. The popular Bolognese sauce, ragù alla bolognese in Italian, is a trademark for this province.

  1. Sicily. Often referred to as the “God’s Kitchen” by gourmands and chefs, this island situated in the Mediterranean Sea has a fertile soil and a prolific cuisine. Housing six UNESCO World Heritage Sites and a multitude of castles, Sicily also offers lots of healthy specialties of the best food in Italy. Seafood is largely consumed, prepared with fresh vegetables and fruits. Regional cheeses, pasta and rice dishes can also be found here. Sweet pastries such as braccilatte, cannoli and torrone, which include almonds, figs or ricotta cheese fillings, are highly appreciated in this area.


  1. Rome, capital and home to the best food in Italy. The so called Eternal City’s historical and social changes reflect in its distinctive cuisine too. Fundamental pillar of the European civilization, this global city, 3rd most visited in the European Union, includes breathtaking landscapes, a wonder of the world and traditional, remarkable dishes. Some of them, such as Spaghetti alla Carbonara, are dating back to Roman times. Lamb and vegetables, especially artichokes, are commonly included and frying is a popular preparation technique. One shouldn’t miss the representative Pizza Alla Romana, between short trips to historical sites and photo sessions of panoramic views.

  1. Florence. A valuable scientific and artistic centre, this city marking the origin of Renaissance is one of the most appealing and simplest when it comes to food and sights. Sliced prosciutto as appetizer, ribollita soup and Florentine steak, Bistecca alla Fiorentina, are only few of the dishes you can find here. The majority of the recipes in Florence are based on meat, usually accompanied by olive oil like and vegetables. During the annual carnival held in February a specific dessert is served, Schiacciata alla fiorentina. It consists of a spongy cake eaten plain or adorned with jam or whipped cream.

  1. Venice. One of the most romantic cities in the world, Venice possesses, among mysterious and breathtaking canals and passageways, a characteristic cuisine. From affordable to pricey, the culinary collection here includes polenta, seafood, rice and grilled meat. Typical pasta dishes are Bigoli, fettuccine and casunziei, and a popular dessert is frittole. A type of doughnut filled with raisins and citrus peel, the latter dates from the 19th century and is found in many varieties.

Qualitative and affordable, Italian food, from breakfast to dinner, provides a versatile range of tasty temptations one shouldn’t miss when visiting this spectacular country. Among memorable sceneries, intricate architecture and significant monuments, you will effectively grasp this nation’s influential culture through its eating habits. Experiencing the best food in Italy in its most culinary rich cities will surely provide you veritable respites of savory gratification.

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